SUNDAY with SIA & Oh Land

Sooo I spent the majority of last weekend at the Phoenix concert theatre here in T.O. Saturday night we went to be part of the mob scene that was Pretty Lights and Nero - awesome glowstick-lit night (though due to an unfortunate toe injury I did not stay till 5am with the rest of the crowd)... Then came Sunday...8pm and back to the Phoenix for a much different kind of concert. Standing in line amongst bleeding glowstick remnants from the night before, I was so excited to see one of my longtime musical loves Sia for the first time live in concert.

The opening act Oh Land was amaaaaazing, my friend and I standing in awe of the blonde nymph-like girl standing on stage with an equally adorable male drummer wearing a wolf mask. We frantically took to my friend's iPhone to google the crap out of this wondrous thing called Oh Land that we had never heard of before. 
Nanna ├śland Fabricius AKA Oh Land

The Danish electro-pop act was certainly one of the most entertaining and different things I've seen in a long time. She's like the second coming of Nico, but even more curious... at one point she's cooing into the mic, the next she's flailing to dubstep-like beats and playing the drums alongside her drummer... nice. Check out Oh Land here - just bought her album and am very pleased :) 

After the awesome opening act came Australian native Sia whom I've loved and admired and cried myself to sleep listening to since I was 15 and emotional and listening to her sing "Destiny" with Zero7... She put on such a great show and was hilarious with the crowd, accepting flowers and heckling her own audience (lovingly of course).
Sia Furler @ The Phoenix July 24th 2011

My favourite quip of the night was after a fan brought flowers to Sia on the stage and she gave him a kiss... and then he passed a paper up with a request and she laughed and said "We're not doing that one!! Sometimes Santa doesn't always bring what you want for Christmas!" Then later when someone requested a song they were doing...she says "And sometimes Santa does bring the right present!" So odd and wonderful. 

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