I was sick of studying so I cut my own bangs....

I've been very bored with my hair and bored with studying for midterms... so I'm going to the hairdresser and getting bangs on Friday.

To Lisa's horror, I tried cutting them myself on the weekend with her not-very-sharp and not-meant-for-cutting-hair scissors...got about half way to the length I was aiming for and then gave up. Lis quickly provided me with the number of her awesome hairdresser in Toronto and said "well now you have to get bangs, cause as of now you just have that going on on top of your head."

The good thing is, bangs are kind of in this season and there is lots of inspiration to be had. I turn to my favourite fashion icons for some bang pics to take with me to the hairdresser (who will most definitely disapprove of my hack DIY job...)

Wonderful - Thank you Abby Lee Kershaw, Caroline Trentini, Sienna Miller, Anja Rubik and Heidi Klum. I appreciate the help.

AND if they look awful on me, they WILL grow out. 


STARS @ London Music Hall

Last night, Lisa and I had the privilege of going to see some amazing live music performed by an awesome Canadian band right here in the lovely city of London, Ontario. Stars played two full sets at London Music Hall, with Young Galaxy as the supporting act.

I didn't know what to expect in seeing them perform live. I knew that they hailed from my hometown Toronto and that they recently split from the Arts & Crafts label (home to another great band Broken Social Scene and based in Toronto), and that I loved listening to my vinyl copy of Set Yourself On Fire, but I hadn't heard their newest album and pretty much just went to the concert ready for whatever came at me. Personally I think a band can really solidify a place in a person's heart once you've seen them live - if the experience is good. I was hoping that would be what happened.

And it did happen. The band has this great energy and spirit, and the audience could feel it. At one point, frontman Torquil Campbell asked everyone to take a step back so there would be more room for dancing. He added that he didn't want to see anyone get crushed at the front of the stage tonight. The audience obeyed so peacefully and I've never seen that happen at a concert before. Very cool.

At the end of the show Lisa bought a vinyl copy of their newest album The Five Ghosts - which I was happy to discover was white - for my sadly small record collection. Yay my first fun-coloured record!

The Five Ghosts
Anyway we listened to it with our other roommate when we got home and its greaaaat. Check it out for sure.