Christian Louboutin FW 10/11 Campaign

These ads pretty much sum up what Amy and I envisioned when deciding to start Down the Rabbit Hole: An Amy-and-Lisa in Wonderland themed smorgasbord of all sorts of fantabulous things, in this case...Louboutin shoes and accessories! 

The Louboutin website is all decked out in magicalness too! GO SEE!

Shot by Khuong Nguyen. 

still life... with shoes

While looking at Christian Louboutin latest campaign (hold your pretty horses I will post that right after this) I was reminded of how utterly amazing his FW 09/10 campaign was...

Shot by renowned still life photographer Peter Lippman, these ads beautifully convey how Louboutin shoes stand out as its own art form.

Below are some of Peter Lippman's other work...these two series were for Marie Claire Magazine. 

Shit, I think I'm now obsessed with him.


Luxury Chicks

You can check out more of Lippman's work here.


Edie Sedgwick meet Edie Puggle...

HUZZAH!! I am getting my very own puppy in t-minus 2 weeks!!! (We already have two frou frou whippets who are awesome, but my new puppy will live with me at school and the whole shebang, thus MY OWN PUPPY!!!) I've already picked her out and named her...EDIE. After countless brainstorms and undoubtedly many annoyed friends (I bounced potential names off of everyone like it was my day job) it became crystal clear that Edie was the perfect name because:

 a) Edie Sedgwick has always been one of my favourite fashion icons
 b) let's face it, it's a super cute name