Ray and Gray

Lisa and I are off to see David Gray and Ray Lamontagne tonight at the Molson Amphitheatre! Very excited. Just checked out the new album by Mr. Lamontagne Gog Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise...it is excellent. Should be a very chill night...will report back on it tomorrow


Back from bohemia...again

So once again this summer I made the journey to Eastern Europe. This time, I spent 10 days in Prague and 3 in Vienna amongst wonderous architecture, cobbled streets, and delicious goulash. In my time roaming the streets of these two historically saturated cities, I may have popped my head into a few stores and I may have taken note of a few trends popular with the cappuccino-sipping ladies of the land.

So here's what I discovered on my travels: denim harem pants are quietly taking over.
Yes. They are like a hybrid of the droopy boyfriend jean and the classic harem pant, and they are actually quite fun though on some people come dangerously close to looking like clown pants. I saw them on tons of women in Vienna, not so much Prague, but also in stores like ZARA and H&M and ProMod and Top Shop and such.

Verdict: I like. I bought. I will wear them proudly and probably get looked at funny here in good old Canada.