Lisa and Amy Attempt to Model (Take One)

Our friend Sami recently asked Amy and I to help her out with her year-end project, which was to style and direct a fashion shoot! What fun! Who wouldn't want to dress up in pretty clothes and galavant around the oh so glamourous city of London, Ontario in -5 degree weather?? 

The shoot was photographed by our fabulous friend Chelsi (go visit her blog!).

Anyways, sorry for neglecting the blog already! It wasn't our most genius idea to start Down the Rabbit Hole right smack in the middle of finals, but you see, we were just too damn excited with the whole idea. 

PS. Amy's being cooler than me right now and traipsing around Prague with her sister, so for the next little bit it'll just be me posting. WOO 


Fun Procrastination For Those of You Who Are Sick of Studying!

I have already written three exams, and unfortunately have two more left before I am freeeeeeee (well technically I will be far from free because I'm starting my summer job right away but WHATEVER)! So, my brain is getting a little fried, and thus my studying skills are subpar. Instead, somewhat unconsciously I may add, I am continually finding myself perusing the Internet for little gems of entertainment. Here is my favourite of the day: The Alot is Better Than You at Everything. Happy Procrastinating!

(FYI - I found this website on one of my favourite sites, refinery29, so cheers to you refinery29! thanks for helping me not study)


Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger

They make me want to wear sunglasses inside, they make me want to live in the 70s, they make me want to date a rock n roll star, too bad so few exist today that can live up to Mick's standard (and the ones that can are rare and usually taken).

Bottom line: I wish celebrity couples were still this cool.


Royal Mail UK: Classic Album Cover Stamps

So my sister just did a really good thing and ordered me these Classic Album Cover Stamps from the British Royal Mail. She gets serious points for this. They were released in January and feature some of the most iconic album art of our time: The Clash's London Calling (1979), Led Zeppelin's IV (1971), Pink Floyd's The Division Bell (1994), and Coldplay's A Rush of Blood To The Head (2002), just to name a few. I am just over the moon about these little guys, though they've left me with one minor dilemma...what exactly do I do with them?

So if anyone out there collects stamps (which I do not regularly do), could you please give me some much needed advice as to what to do with the stamps once you have them? I feel silly leaving them in their packaging....


Refinery 29: How To Dress for Coachella

Coachella is the greatest music festival since Woodstock. We wish we could be there, but unfortunately are in the middle of exams and are being boring. So because we are being held captive by our textbooks and study notes, we will direct you to an awesome thing we found online at Refinery29...step-by-step instructions on how to dress for Coachella. Oh what fun. Goal for next year: actually BE there wearing these fun things....

T Magazine - My Life in Pictures: Pattie Boyd


New Favourite Thing

Our new addiction (nothing to do with fashion or music, but cats are kind of awesome too). Check out kitten roulette, you will probably laugh for days.


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