The Sheepdogs

Happy birthday to me!! This September 3rd my dearest, most favourite example of Canadian rock talent The Sheepdogs released their self-titled 3rd studio album. Thanks for the awesome bday gift boys!
The Sheepdogs
The album proves to be an exciting follow up to Learn and Burn, maintaining and evolving the band's signature retro-rock sound while amping it up a notch in terms of production - a feature that can no doubt be attributed to the fact that Patrick Carney of The Black Keys lent his talents as the album's producer.

The Sheepdogs have really fulfilled their Rolling Stone cover roles - sounds and melodies on this album seems a bit more deliberate and confident - especially in their inspiration. You can really hear the 70's rock influence shape their style but not overpower it. When you hear the album you know its them and could only be them - that's a pretty cool...

I'm having flashbacks to the days of voting for them on RollingStone.com...

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