I was sick of studying so I cut my own bangs....

I've been very bored with my hair and bored with studying for midterms... so I'm going to the hairdresser and getting bangs on Friday.

To Lisa's horror, I tried cutting them myself on the weekend with her not-very-sharp and not-meant-for-cutting-hair scissors...got about half way to the length I was aiming for and then gave up. Lis quickly provided me with the number of her awesome hairdresser in Toronto and said "well now you have to get bangs, cause as of now you just have that going on on top of your head."

The good thing is, bangs are kind of in this season and there is lots of inspiration to be had. I turn to my favourite fashion icons for some bang pics to take with me to the hairdresser (who will most definitely disapprove of my hack DIY job...)

Wonderful - Thank you Abby Lee Kershaw, Caroline Trentini, Sienna Miller, Anja Rubik and Heidi Klum. I appreciate the help.

AND if they look awful on me, they WILL grow out. 


STARS @ London Music Hall

Last night, Lisa and I had the privilege of going to see some amazing live music performed by an awesome Canadian band right here in the lovely city of London, Ontario. Stars played two full sets at London Music Hall, with Young Galaxy as the supporting act.

I didn't know what to expect in seeing them perform live. I knew that they hailed from my hometown Toronto and that they recently split from the Arts & Crafts label (home to another great band Broken Social Scene and based in Toronto), and that I loved listening to my vinyl copy of Set Yourself On Fire, but I hadn't heard their newest album and pretty much just went to the concert ready for whatever came at me. Personally I think a band can really solidify a place in a person's heart once you've seen them live - if the experience is good. I was hoping that would be what happened.

And it did happen. The band has this great energy and spirit, and the audience could feel it. At one point, frontman Torquil Campbell asked everyone to take a step back so there would be more room for dancing. He added that he didn't want to see anyone get crushed at the front of the stage tonight. The audience obeyed so peacefully and I've never seen that happen at a concert before. Very cool.

At the end of the show Lisa bought a vinyl copy of their newest album The Five Ghosts - which I was happy to discover was white - for my sadly small record collection. Yay my first fun-coloured record!

The Five Ghosts
Anyway we listened to it with our other roommate when we got home and its greaaaat. Check it out for sure.


FENDI f/w 2010 ft. Anja Rubik

Get a load of this: Fendi's f/w 2010 capmaign featuring my all-time favourite model Anja Rubik. So impressed.

There's a Hitchcockian feel to the composition and styling of the shots...the images are particularly reminiscent of Vertigo, full of mystery and elegance. Ms. Rubik adds a dimension of feminine attraction to it all. It's all no surprise: the campaign was shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

The Last Summer Concert...

Walking to work this morning, shivering in my completely inappropriate-for-the-weather gladiator sandals and tiny cardigan, I realized that alas summer is officially over. I started coming to terms with the idea tuesday night (Sept 7th) when I took my sister to the Molson Amphitheatre to see Vampire Weekend...it was to be my last outdoor concert of the summer (though the Amp has three more outdoor concerts scheduled until the end of September...including KISS tomorrow night, sweet right?) and rightfully so, with the temperature plummeting as it is.

We went to the venue with our sweaters tucked into our bags...bought two plastic cup-fulls of red wine to warm up, sat in our plastic seats and listened...
Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally of Beach House
The opening act was a fiery group fronted by a bushy haired and husky voiced maven. Beach House's fearless front woman Victoria Legrand commanded the stage from behind her keyboard, though she admitted the venue was far bigger than the group was used to. Nevertheless, their big and sweeping sound transcended intimidation and won over the audience. There were even a few people brought to their feet...dancing around their seats like flower children on acid (yeah...they may have actually been on acid).

Then came Vampire Weekend. These boys look like they've never been unhappy in their entire lives...no trace of angst or resentment in their act. Don't get me wrong, they know how to entertain, but its a different kind of vibe than say, Ray Lamontagne or The Arkells or even their openers Beach House. They're less concerned with the depth, and the subsequent poppy fun vibe permeates the whole act. You can hear it in their music too. So it was a good show but not quite the ride I enjoy when I go to a concert. Yah I like to feel happy, sad, angry, and uplifted througout the course of a concert. But I guess if there had been more than just red wine involved my experience would've been different....
Phone Shot of My Last Summer Concert :(

So all in all, I'd recommend listening to Vampire Weekend's album Contra...but more than that I'd recommend checking out Beach House. Go to their myspace or buy their album on iTunes if your feeling like supporting the musician's cause


Ray and Gray

Lisa and I are off to see David Gray and Ray Lamontagne tonight at the Molson Amphitheatre! Very excited. Just checked out the new album by Mr. Lamontagne Gog Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise...it is excellent. Should be a very chill night...will report back on it tomorrow


Back from bohemia...again

So once again this summer I made the journey to Eastern Europe. This time, I spent 10 days in Prague and 3 in Vienna amongst wonderous architecture, cobbled streets, and delicious goulash. In my time roaming the streets of these two historically saturated cities, I may have popped my head into a few stores and I may have taken note of a few trends popular with the cappuccino-sipping ladies of the land.

So here's what I discovered on my travels: denim harem pants are quietly taking over.
Yes. They are like a hybrid of the droopy boyfriend jean and the classic harem pant, and they are actually quite fun though on some people come dangerously close to looking like clown pants. I saw them on tons of women in Vienna, not so much Prague, but also in stores like ZARA and H&M and ProMod and Top Shop and such.

Verdict: I like. I bought. I will wear them proudly and probably get looked at funny here in good old Canada.


Christian Louboutin FW 10/11 Campaign

These ads pretty much sum up what Amy and I envisioned when deciding to start Down the Rabbit Hole: An Amy-and-Lisa in Wonderland themed smorgasbord of all sorts of fantabulous things, in this case...Louboutin shoes and accessories! 

The Louboutin website is all decked out in magicalness too! GO SEE!

Shot by Khuong Nguyen. 

still life... with shoes

While looking at Christian Louboutin latest campaign (hold your pretty horses I will post that right after this) I was reminded of how utterly amazing his FW 09/10 campaign was...

Shot by renowned still life photographer Peter Lippman, these ads beautifully convey how Louboutin shoes stand out as its own art form.

Below are some of Peter Lippman's other work...these two series were for Marie Claire Magazine. 

Shit, I think I'm now obsessed with him.


Luxury Chicks

You can check out more of Lippman's work here.


Edie Sedgwick meet Edie Puggle...

HUZZAH!! I am getting my very own puppy in t-minus 2 weeks!!! (We already have two frou frou whippets who are awesome, but my new puppy will live with me at school and the whole shebang, thus MY OWN PUPPY!!!) I've already picked her out and named her...EDIE. After countless brainstorms and undoubtedly many annoyed friends (I bounced potential names off of everyone like it was my day job) it became crystal clear that Edie was the perfect name because:

 a) Edie Sedgwick has always been one of my favourite fashion icons
 b) let's face it, it's a super cute name


Hello, I think I like you...

While being super productive and trolling one of my daily internet obsessions Refinery29 I came across this little fashion gem: New Zealand's Madame Hawke and sister brand Ruby. Practically each look in the Autumn 2010/11 lookbook evoked a rather rabid Ooooooh! This one! This one's my fave! I want, I want, I NEEEEEED!! After trying to figure out how I can get my lil' hands on these clothes it gradually dawned on me that I'm just going to have to make a little trip to the Ruby Boutique in Auckland! No biggie, right?


All from Madame Hawke's Autumn 2010/11 collection!

Frock & Roll

Sweet Karen Elson. So odd and so beautiful. She has taken a page out of lover Jack White's book, picked up a guitar and made an album. The Ghost Who Walks is spooky, cute, and lovely all at the same time. It has a little bit of country, and a little bit of retro, and a little bit of something that just makes you want to keep listening to it. 

Karen Elson Sings Cruel Summer

AND I opened my Vogue this week to find a whole spread of Ms. Elson and Jack White photographed by Annie Leibowitz. (The top one's my favourite - makes me want to go see her perform live, I think she'd be wonderful to watch)



If you haven't already checked out Karl Lagerfeld's latest short film REMEMBER NOW, then you must must must (!!!) right this instant!

Shot in St. Tropez, this short film showcases the Chanel Cruise 2010/2011 collection beautifully, giving life and personality to the clothes. With a slew of models including Freja Beha, Jake Davies, Magdalena Frackowiak, Baptiste Giabiconi, S├ębastien Jondeau, Karolina Kurkova, Abbey Lee, Leigh Lezark and Heidi Mount (whew!), as well as French actors Elisa Sednaoui, Pascal Greggory, and Jean-Roch, this film is definitely easy on the eyes! 
On a bad note: It really did make me sad that I woke up this morning in Aurora, Ontario wearing my boyfriend's old T-shirt instead of waking up in St. Tropez nonchalantly wearing some Chanel! Maybe one day? Please? :|