Hello, I think I like you...

While being super productive and trolling one of my daily internet obsessions Refinery29 I came across this little fashion gem: New Zealand's Madame Hawke and sister brand Ruby. Practically each look in the Autumn 2010/11 lookbook evoked a rather rabid Ooooooh! This one! This one's my fave! I want, I want, I NEEEEEED!! After trying to figure out how I can get my lil' hands on these clothes it gradually dawned on me that I'm just going to have to make a little trip to the Ruby Boutique in Auckland! No biggie, right?


All from Madame Hawke's Autumn 2010/11 collection!

Frock & Roll

Sweet Karen Elson. So odd and so beautiful. She has taken a page out of lover Jack White's book, picked up a guitar and made an album. The Ghost Who Walks is spooky, cute, and lovely all at the same time. It has a little bit of country, and a little bit of retro, and a little bit of something that just makes you want to keep listening to it. 

Karen Elson Sings Cruel Summer

AND I opened my Vogue this week to find a whole spread of Ms. Elson and Jack White photographed by Annie Leibowitz. (The top one's my favourite - makes me want to go see her perform live, I think she'd be wonderful to watch)



If you haven't already checked out Karl Lagerfeld's latest short film REMEMBER NOW, then you must must must (!!!) right this instant!

Shot in St. Tropez, this short film showcases the Chanel Cruise 2010/2011 collection beautifully, giving life and personality to the clothes. With a slew of models including Freja Beha, Jake Davies, Magdalena Frackowiak, Baptiste Giabiconi, S├ębastien Jondeau, Karolina Kurkova, Abbey Lee, Leigh Lezark and Heidi Mount (whew!), as well as French actors Elisa Sednaoui, Pascal Greggory, and Jean-Roch, this film is definitely easy on the eyes! 
On a bad note: It really did make me sad that I woke up this morning in Aurora, Ontario wearing my boyfriend's old T-shirt instead of waking up in St. Tropez nonchalantly wearing some Chanel! Maybe one day? Please? :|


Long Live McQueen

Despite the recent loss of British designer Lee Alexander McQueen, his legacy of impeccable tailoring and outrageous designs lives on. My little sister's prom is only three weeks away! Being the little fashionista I've trained her to be, she insisted on none other than a McQueen dress. It was rather fitting that his last S/S line was doused with technicolour jellyfish and mermaid prints, as Nat loves the ocean. She will, however, be accessorizing the McQueen dress (on left) with a lovely bright blue cast that covers half her leg. Although the broken ankle is tragic, the chance to wear a McQueen dress is now, a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
McQueen has won British designer of the year four times and was even appointed Commander of the British Empire for his fashion leadership. Anna Wintour has even said that "his passing marks an insurmountable loss."His last collection shown was his mostly finished Fall 2010 line, that he completed before his death. The McQueen label may live on through the Gucci Group, but will never have the same charisma and obscurity that Lee was able to create. 


La Vie Boheme

Here are some shots of Prague Castle from the trip. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, inspiring and fairytale-like. Walking those streets makes you want to dress up, write a song, paint...do something creative.



Wow, I have been so bad at posting! Oops!

Anyways, I was going through my little sister Natalie's computer and came across these shots of her. She does some modelling here and there and is fabulous! Enjoy! 

(The first photo was shot by Tara Rivas, and the second two were shot by Doug McMillan for MOSAIC salon) 

They even love Pattie Boyd in the Czech Republic

Clearly I was pleased to open the Czech magazine Style, while waiting to get a mani/pedi with my sister in a Prague salon, and find an article all about my favourite rock muse Pattie Boyd.

Not only did I ignore the fact that the entire article was in Czech (which saddened me a little bit because I would have liked to know what exactly they were writing
about her), I also immediately pulled out my crummy camera and
snapped a few pics of the mag's pages.

She is truly wonderful, and my heart is warmed to know that I can open a magazine in my favourite city Prague and see my favourite fashion icon.

Yay! And THEN I found my step-mama Lucia (she's an awesome makeup artist working out of Prague) on another page and it simply made my day!


Back from Bohemia

So I've returned from my favourite place on earth, Prague, where my dad lives. It's such a magical city, I can't describe how but it makes one feel like they've stepped into a modern-day fairytale - not Disney styles, but more like the brothers Grimm - the city is dirty in a way that kind of connects you to its past... It's perfectly romantic, gothic, and bohemian all at the same time. I'll be uploading more pictures soon...